Past Ki Mantle Hood Prize Winners

The prize is awarded for the best paper presented by a graduate student at the annual meeting of the SEM Southern California Chapter. The awardees are:

1994 Jean Kidula (UCLA), "The Appropriation of Western-Derived Music Styles into Kenyan Traditions: A Case Study of Some Nairobi Christian Musics"

Honorable Mention to: Helena Simonette (UCLA), "Cowbell Sound in Swiss Folk Music: From Naturalness to Ideology"

1995 Sherrie Tucker (UC-Santa Cruz), "West Coast Women: A Jazz Genealogy"

Honorable Mentions to:
Nancy Currey (UCSB), "The Personalization of History: The Many Bases of Meaning for a Present-Day Algerian Andalusian Musician"

Mark DeWitt (UC Davis), "California as a Field Site for Studying Cajun and Zydeco Music and Dance"

Nicola Mulholland (UCSB), "So Who's Dancing Tahitian in California: Issues in Cultural Practices and Non-Indigenous Participants"

David Trasoff (UCSB), "The Changing Sarod: Tracing the Historical Development of an Instrument in Modern India"

1996 David Ake (UCLA), "Time, Narrative, and the Jazz Tradition in Bill Frisell's 'Have a Little Faith'"

Honorable Mentions to:
Mark Tusler (UCSB), "'Rutsubo' (Taiko L.A.): Issues of Repertory, Performance Practice, and Ideologies"

Minako Waseda (UCSB), "Iemoto System in Traditional Japanese Music in California: Its Transformation and Influences"

1997: No prize given

1998 Heidi Feldman (UCLA), "Which Side are you On? Cultural Politics and the Art-Ethnography Continuum?"

1999 Charles Sharp (UCLA), ""Where is the Riot in Zoot Suit Riot?"

2000 Sonia Tamar Seeman (UCLA) "'You're Roman!' Musical Practice and the Creation of Social Categories among Roman (Gypsy) Communities of Western Turkey"

Honorable Mention to: Amy Frishkey (UCLA), "The Sacralization of the Soprano: Negotiated Realities in the Symbolic Mode"

2001 Christi-Anne Castro (UCLA), "Dularawan: Composing the Philippine Nation"

2002 Tom Grunland (UCSB), "Makin' the Bucks and Wearin' the Tux: Issues of Transience, Tourism, and Transnationalism in the Lives of Cruise Ship Musicians"

Honorable Mention to: Gibb Schreffler (UCSB), "Hear No, See No, Speak No Bhangra"

2003 Angela Rodel (UCLA), "Extreme Noise Terror: Punk Rock and the Aesthetics of Badness"

2004 Christine Zanfagna (UCLA), "Soul Train, Unchained: Locating the 'Spirit' in Hip Hop"

Honorable Mention to: William Robert Hodges (UCSB), "'Come On, Grieve With Me Now': Referencing, Reframing, and (Re)presenting Grief through Pop Laments in Toba Batak (North Sumatra, Indonesia)"

2005 Katherine Meizel (UCSB), "Be a Fan, Not a Hater: Identity Politics and the Audience in American Idol"

2006 Denise Regina Gill (UCSB), "Performing Mesk: Negotiating the Historical Composition(s) of Being in Turkish Classical Music"

2007 Lillie S. Gordon (UCSB), "'We will be serving tea and ta miyya': the discursive formation of a music venue in Cairo"

Honorable Mention to: Barbara Taylor (UCSB), "The Banjo: In, But Not Of America"

2008 Jake Rekedal (UCR), "Bluegrass, Counterculture, and Postmodern Hillbillies"

Honorable Mention to: Sonja Lynn Downing (UCSB), "Fieldwork Methods for Doing Research with Children and Music in Bali"

2009 Christina Zanfagna (UCLA), “Geographies of Conversion: Holy Hip Hop and the Changing Body of the City”

2010 Catherine Appert (UCLA). “Hybridity in African Popular Music”

Honorable Mention to: Joshua Brown (UCR), “Real Encounters with Imagined Communities at the Ash Grove”

2011 Jason Busniewski, of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), “Fascination and Cultural Fermentation in Early British India”

2012 Ben Fairfield (University of Hawai’i at Manoa), "I am Tehnaku: The Reification and Textuality of Suwichan’s Karen Harp”

Honorable Mention to: Charlotte D'Evelyn (University of Hawai’i at Manoa), “Music Between Worlds: Transnational Flows and Local Revivals in Inner Mongolia, China”

2013 Dave Wilson (UCLA), “Singing for Macedonia: Glocalization and National Identity Construction in Macedonian Idol”

Honorable Mention to: Jeremiah S. French (University Hawai’i at Manoa), “The Eclectic Multicultural Approach in Post-Apocalyptic Videogame Soundtracks”

2014 Philip Murphy (UCSB), "Annihilation in God, or Just a Party: Local Circulations of Sufi Ritual and Performance in Fez, Morocco"

Honorable Mention to: Scott Linford (UCLA), "La Familia Mejia Godoy: Generational Strategies of Musical Nationalism in Nicaragua"

2015 Max Jack (UCSB), "'You Call This Democracy?' FC Saint Pauli Supporters, Chants, and the Police."

2016 Deonte Harris (UCLA), "'Revelry or Revolution?: Masquerading the “Black Radical Tradition” at London’s Notting Hill Carnival."