Ki Mantle Hood Prize Guidelines


The Society for Ethnomusicology Southern California and Hawaii Chapter awards the Ki Mantle Hood Student Prize for the most distinguished paper read by a student at the Annual Meeting.

Eligibility: Any student who presents, in person, a formal paper at the SEMSCHC Annual Meeting shall be eligible for the prize. A student shall be defined as a person pursuing an active course of studies in a degree program. This will include persons who are engaged in writing the doctoral dissertation, but not those who are teaching full time while doing so.

Award: The award will consist of a cash prize of one hundred dollars, and automatic consideration of the paper by the editors of Ethnomusicology Review.

Committee: The Student Prize Committee shall be chaired by the Vice-President of the SEMSCHC and shall include the current and the two immediate past Program Chairs. Other committee members may be appointed by the Chapter President.


1. Candidates for the Student Prize are asked to indicate on the abstract form that they wish to have their papers considered for the prize. If this is not done, candidates may write to the Program Chair no less than one week before the conference weekend indicating they wish to have their papers considered.

2. Each candidate must submit a copy of their paper via email to no less than 24 hours before their presentation at the conference. The papers are to be of delivery length, written using a 12 point font, and may not exceed 12 pages, double-spaced and saved as a Word document or PDF.

3. The Program Chair informs the session chairs of the names of presenters whose papers are under consideration for the Student Prize. The Program Chair gives each Session Chair an evaluation form for each paper and a copy of the Guidelines and forward the electronic submission of the paper.

4. Immediately prior to the session at which the paper is to be delivered, the candidate must present an additional hard copy of the paper to the Session Chair.

5. The Session Chairs return all papers and evaluation forms to the Program Chair before the conclusion of the Annual Meeting. Evaluation forms may be submitted via email.

6. The Student Prize Committee decides upon a winner before June 1. The winner will be notified by mail and will be recognized publicly at the next Annual Meeting of the Chapter, in an announcement in the SEM Newsletter, and at the business meeting at the annual conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology.

7. The Prize may be withheld, depending on the judgment of the Committee.